The Noose

Israelis know how to do depressing music. Other than the beats, funk and dj stuff that we’ve been covering, a lot of mainstream and indie music has dark overtones. But go with what you know: If you’re gonna be depressed, then be depressed. With the long dark winter upon us, we expect many of our listeners will be spending time alone, in the cold, trying to stay warm, and maybe, just maybe, they will decide to end it all.

This podcast is for those people.

Suggested Activities For This Music

Putting the top down on the convertible, starting the engine and leaving the garage door closed.
Taking a long walk off a short pier.
Bathing with a toaster.
Shaving your wrists.
Mixing all your pills in a bowl, turning on the tv, and eating the pills as if they were M&Ms, washing them down with whiskey.
Tying your own noose.

The Noose

Vaadat Charigim – Odisea
The Aprons – This Time
Eatliz – Miserable (Video)
The Secret Sea – Afterlife (Yoav Brill’s Other Side Remix)
Kobi Glas – O Mundo Inteiro
Hayelala – Winter Gathering
Danski Taor

Bonus Stuff

2011 Interview with Eatliz

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