Adam Oded
DJ and Producer
Adam Oded loves to share his passion for Israeli music, culture and cuisine. He is a professional DJ who performs at private events and social venues in Philadelphia, New York, Tel Aviv and The Hamptons. Adam’s hobbies include racquetball, matkot, connecting things to other things with wires and fixing id3 tags on mp3s. His favorite color is brown and if he could be any animal, he would be a bear during the salmon run. Adam lives in Philadelphia with his wife and daughter where they watch Israeli TV shows, listen to Israeli radio, and eat Israeli meals.

Chip Karas
Chip Karas was raised in home that centered around three main things; eating, drinking, and music. To this day he carries on with this heritage by cooking for a living, brewing beer, and listening to/sharing new music. Many hours spent at the legendary Before And After Bar & Grill (bartender/grillman) exposed this impressionable WASP to all things Israeli, especially the music. Between bites of brisket and shots of Arak, it was only a matter of time before names like Shlomo Bar and Uzi Feinerman became part of his regular lexicon. Look for his forthcoming autobiography “So, This Goy Says ‘Oy’…”, coming soon from Pendant Publishing.

Itai Elizur
Itai Elizur lives and breathes Israel, even from his small one bedroom in New York. He is a digital journalist and development professional and half ass academic with an extensive background in Israeli media and radio. Itai’s hobbies include food, beer and music – preferably all Israeli. Itai is originally from Tel Aviv but he currently lives in New York with his wife Shiran where they are trying to live the American dream, Israeli style.

Y. Gary Newman
Executive Producer
Yechiel “Chilluk G-Money” Newman was born in Netanya although it would be tough to tell from his appalling Hebrew. He can name all the mystery meats in a Meurav Yerushlami, and yet, he still eats them. He did his residency under Dr Shakshukah, and, once convinced Abu Hassan to give him a Hummus from the insider’s stash. Yechiel is a serial entrepreneur who is currently trapped in a day job. With three kids to keep him busy, he has no discernible hobbies.