4 Reasons To Get Excited For Ester Rada’s New Album

Ester Rada’s new album drops soon. Here’s a few reasons to get excited:

Tamir Muskat – You might have seen Tamir as he passed through Philadelphia and other US cities with his energetic gypsy punk band, Balkan Beat Box. As a producer, Tamir has worked with well known Israeli artist like Asaf Avidan and Hava Alberstein. He brings all his skills into this album as producer, arranger, turntablist and drummer.

Itamar Ziegler – His self titled album from 2002 was a blend of blues and world music played through a gritty guitar. His guitar and bass work on this album has reggae and funk influences.

Kutiman – Freaking Kutiman.  Everything this guy does is awesome.

Ester Rada – Ester continues to grow as a songwriter and artist.  Her soulful edginess is reminiscent of Amy Winehouse.  We’re looking forward to hearing the whole album.  But for now:

Ester Rada – No More